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Framework Leadership with Dr. Kent Ingle

Visionary leaders don’t succeed with just great ideas. They succeed because they’ve built a framework that inspires others and provides their teams with the necessary tools to perform.”

I was recently blessed to have a fascinating conversation with Dr. Kent Ingle. In this fast-paced conversation, Dr. Ingle delivered huge leadership wisdom and value — and I think you’ll get a lot from this conversation. 

Dr. Ingle is President of Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. He’s also author of multiple books including Framework Leadership, 9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership, This Adventure Called Life, and The Modern Guide to College. He also hosts The Framework Leadership Podcast.

Here are just six of the key takeaways from our conversation:

1. Focus on being self-aware and self-disciplined. Self-awareness allows you to understand who you are, your gifts, your passions, your abilities and experiences. And always knowing that helps you to understand the opportunities before you.

2. If you want to succeed as a leader, you need to build habits of discipline. Whether they be physical, emotional, educational, spiritual, or other, your ability to be disciplined in your own life will greatly impact your ability to lead others. 

3. People long for value and significance. As a leader, your responsibility is to help people understand their value and significance in the world. 

4. Leadership is all about your relational connectivity and how you interact and influence and have impact. 

5. One of the most difficult and challenging things for any organization is to be excellent at systems thinking where you see the big picture, understand how the individual parts really interconnect to each other to accomplish the big picture. Especially at times of change, if you aren’t growing your systems at the same speed of your overall growth, you’re probably going to hit some plateaus. 

6. To be successful as a leader, when leadership requires you to build a map to a place you’ve never been before, you need a framework. A successful framework for leadership requires four key elements: 

  • Listening – You must constantly listen to all stakeholders and constituencies.
  • Contextualize – After you’ve listened to all involved, make sure that you’ve appropriately contextualized the situation so you fully understand what the issue really is.
  • Audit – Continue to audit your perceived understanding of the issue. When you think you’ve listened, and you think you understand the context, keep clarifying until you have certainty that there’s shared understanding of the issue. 
  • Align the vision – Align the strategy, the finances, the people, and the systems to meet the vision. 

You can grab the full show notes here. I hope you enjoy this insightful conversation!

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