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Global Online Fundraising Scorecard, with Brady Josephson

Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast
Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast
Global Online Fundraising Scorecard, with Brady Josephson

Our good friend Brady Josephson at NextAfter joined us for a third episode here on the podcast recently. You might remember Brady from our conversation about COVID fundraising observations, or fundraising Testing

This week we connected with him to learn about the recent project that NextAfter and collaborated on, called the Global Online Fundraising Scorecard

This study explored the front-end user experience of donors and email subscribers across multiple countries. 

Here are some of the key findings we cover in this discussion:

  1. Email sign-up was impossible in 27% of cases in the study, either because organizations didn’t offer it, or because it took too many steps to discover where the email sign-up was located
  2. Very little progress has been made in years around the area of using value proposition to either subscribe for emails or make a giving decision (you’ll hear Brady outline what the keys are in a successful value proposition too)
  3. The dangerous myth that online users don’t or won’t consume copy — and address the (surprising) negative impact that video and images have on conversion
  4. The half dozen (or more!) types of friction that negatively impact decision-making online, AND, the one positive type of friction that can actually help you raise more money online!
  5. The importance of email cultivation to long-term retention and revenue, and the sad fact that too few organizations are investing in meaningful email relationship building.
  6. The truth about email deliverability, and what you can do to improve deliverability for your organization.
  7. What’s working best globally in sustainer giving, where the U.S. is falling behind in this key giving area, and what YOU can do to improve your organization’s sustainer numbers.
  8. The trends on email welcome series use, and how one organization tested into a 900% increase in 2nd gift conversion by rethinking their approach to welcome series content.

It’s always a blast to have Brady on the show, and I hope you’ll learn as much as I did in this conversation!

Don’t forget to download the Global Online Fundraising Scorecard today!

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