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#HalfMyDAF, with Jen Risher

Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast
Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast
#HalfMyDAF, with Jen Risher

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll know that in 2020 the nonprofit sector saw HUGE increases in giving through Donor Advised Fund (DAF) giving accounts. There was an outpouring of generosity across the nation, and many donors with DAF giving accounts stepped up to make sure that organizations received critical funding when they needed it most.

Watching this play out in 2020 got me thinking more and more about the growing importance of donor advised funds, the donors who control them, and how nonprofits can and should engage both with DAF account holders and the financial institutions that manage these accounts.

That’s why I was thrilled to recently get the chance to talk with Jennifer Risher.  Jen is a retired Microsoft executive, author of We Need to Talk: A Memoir on Wealth, and co-founder of the #HalfMyDAF movement. Jen and her husband David (CEO of Worldreader) founded the #HalfMyDAF movement in 2020 to incentivize donors who have DAF accounts to distribute more money from their giving accounts more quickly to make greater impact right now.

Jen and I sat down to talk about why she and David launched the #HalfMyDAF movement, how nonprofits can and should engage with DAF donors, and what the role of financial institutions is in the DAF giving ecosystem. 

We also talk about the growing pool of matching funds that #HalfMyDAF is making available in 2021 to incentivize more DAF giving account holders to spend down at least 50% of their DAF holdings — you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Every nonprofit needs to be paying attention to donors who are giving through their DAF accounts. 

Jen and David Risher will be joining my friend Jack Doyle, President of Amergent (a Moore company) for a FREE webinar called #HalfMyDAF and the future of Donor Advised Funds on March 9 at 12pm Central Time (US and Canada). I invite you to join them for this free webinar that will provide a TON of value!

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