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Leadership Field Notes #2, with Tim Smith

In this second installment of Leadership Field Notes, I was lucky enough to sit down with Tim Smith, Managing Partner at Nonprofit DNA. Tim has over 30 years of nonprofit and development experience, having served as Chief Development Officer at both Food for the Hungry and the Museum of the Bible

Tim shares his top leadership insights from over three decades of leading organizations and advising C-level leaders inside other nonprofits. 

Here’s just a small sampling of the leadership wisdom Tim shares in this episode:

  1. Becoming a leader may require you to step into uncomfortable spaces that are beyond what you’ve ever done before. That’s ok. That’s part of growing.
  2. At some point in your leadership career, you’ll probably think you’re not qualified for the job. This is fear talking. Just keep moving forward — this is what you’re made for. 
  3. Great leaders seek out mentors and invest in mentoring others in their growth. 
  4. The most important values that a leader can display come down to the “Two L’s”…listening and loyalty (and how you can truly display both).
  5. The importance of a leader “knowing himself” and the positive impact this has on organizational culture and team cohesion.
  6. To be a great leader you really have to love people and want to see them succeed more than you want to promote your own success. 

Tim’s insights on leadership and personal growth are pure gold, and you won’t want to miss them! 

You can download the full show notes here

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