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Roy C. Jones


It was great to have Brady Josephson back on the podcast today for a second conversation. If you didn’t catch our conversation last month on COVID fundraising trends, you should check it out. 

But today, Brady and I talk about all things testing. This is one of Brady’s favorite things to chat about. That shouldn’t be a surprise, given his role as Managing Director at NextAfter’s Institute for Online Fundraising.

As a direct response fundraiser, I’m a big fan of testing. We test all the time. Sometimes we test something that makes a dramatic impact on revenue or results for a client. Other times, a test doesn’t go the way we think. It “fails”, if you will. But in the end, we still learn from it. 

To be successful with testing, you have to think differently about the philosophy and execution of tests. That’s where Brady and I focused in this conversation. He covered a ton of important ground, like:

  • Why testing is important to fundraising success
  • What type of tests deliver the most impact and value (and which tests aren’t worth your time)
  • Creating a testing strategy/plan
  • Designing tests for successful learning
  • The value of iterative testing
  • Low value vs. High value tests
  • The importance of tracking, and why this is the first step in your successful testing strategy

I hope you learn a ton from this conversation, and that you take this opportunity to create or refine your own testing plan for the next year!

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