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The Future of Fundraising, with Paul D’Alessandro

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The world of philanthropy is changing by the day right now. From the pandemic to artificial intelligence, to the dramatic increase in giving through Donor Advised Funds (DAF), and even the gamification of giving. So much is changing so quickly.

But one thing is clear…donors continue to dictate the terms.

With so much changing, I was thrilled to sit down with my friend, Paul D’Alessandro, Founder of High Impact Nonprofit Advisors, and author of the brand new book, The Future of Fundraising: How Philanthropy’s Future is Here with Donors Dictating the Terms.

Paul wrote this book after a lengthy and successful career in philanthropy where he’s met with more than 4,000 individual high net worth donors and raised more than $1 Billion for charitable causes! 

You’ll want to check out this conversation that covers so many important topics, including:

  1. How Artificial Intelligence is impacting fundraising, and what that means for the future of the individual fundraiser
  2. The positives and negatives of donor advised funds, and what this giving vehicle holds for the future of our industry
  3. How platforms like Twitch and others impacting fundraising, and what that means for donor engagement and nonprofit revenue generation in the future
  4. The emerging risks to donor privacy and how that could negatively impact giving in the future
  5. The dirty secrets of fundraiser compensation


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"REAL, down-to-earth discussions..."
"Now you can stop going to events where people puff out their chests, often telling lies about how they closed this major gift or that one. Instead, just listen to this podcast. Finally, you can hear REAL, down-to-earth discussions from the best frontline fundraisers about ‘rainmaking’ – thanks to Andrew and Roy. This is a must-listen for anyone who is serious about making tremendous impact."
Nov 20, 2018
"Finally, someone who not only understands major gifting..."
"Finally, someone who not only understands major gifting in theory, but who brings a fully orbed view that they’ve actually applied in the blocking and tackling of MG work! The metrics given are legitimate because I personally employ very similar metrics and I know that these metrics work and are viable. The hosts bring substance coupled with practicality and years of proven experience. Finally, they’re versed on growing the entire donor pipeline from acquisition through legacy giving which is refreshing. This podcast is worth your time and can improve your skills whether you’re a proven professional fundraiser with decades of success or someone who’s just starting out and is hungry for growing generosity and closing deals."
Dec 17, 2018
"Andrew and Roy are two fundraising pros..."
"Andrew and Roy are two fundraising pros who’ve rounded up leaders across the spectrum to share ideas and insights gained from years of experience in the nonprofit space. This is a great podcast for anyone looking to better understand the many facets of fundraising. Enjoy!"
Nov 20, 2018

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In the Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast, co-hosts Andrew Olsen, CFRE and Roy Jones, CFRE provide an in-depth look at fundraising and donor trends and opportunities in the nonprofit industry. Featuring interviews with leading authors and other industry experts, the podcast explores topics relevant to those in nonprofit leadership who strive to sharpen their skills, grow their teams, and maximize their impact in the world. The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast is brought to you exclusively by Newport ONE.